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Kwok and Qiu Pen Opinion on China and AI for Nikkei Asia

EKLJ’s Benjamin Qiu and Dennis Kwok authored an opinion article for Nikkei Asia, titled, “China’s Tightening Grip on AI Puts Other Nations at Risk.”

“Chinese laws and regulations today are designed to institutionalize the primacy of politics,” they wrote. “The will of the top leader is being implemented through the creation and enforcement of laws and regulations. China’s new AI regime is no different. All AI companies in China are subject to the broad, draconian 2021 Data Security Law, under which all organizations must cooperate with the authorities. This includes handing over data collected by AI algorithms and reporting on how it is used. The 2015 National Security Law, meanwhile, requires that all entities, whether public or private, shall mobilize their personnel to uphold and safeguard national security. AI and data regulations in China are less about consumer protection then about social control and the projection of power, putting the party in charge with unrestrained power to demand full cooperation from all involved organizations.”

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