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China Related Corporate Advisory Work

The PRC is the second largest economy in the world and an important market and trading partner for many international companies. However, many companies are increasingly aware of the new legal and political risks of doing business with the PRC. More than ever, they need experienced and candid advisors to help them assess and manage their risks in the current geopolitical climate.

We help businesses understand and prepare for the risks of their operations, legal relationships and supply chains that involve the PRC. The analysis clients need often entails a complex set of factors, such as ESG and human rights, finance, data security, supply chain logistics and a thorough understanding of political developments in both Beijing and Washington, DC. The potential decoupling process may bring about a whole host of new issues for international firms, companies, and NGOs who are trying to navigate their way through this rapidly-evolving geopolitical climate.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in various public offices in the U.S. and in Hong Kong. Combined with our corporate advisory experience, cultural knowledge and language skills, we are well equipped to assist clients not only with the legal issues they may face, but also with the larger geopolitical factors impacting their business relationships.